To us, sustainability is a mindset and present throughout SØSTER STUDIO in all that we do.

We are a season-less brand that is deliberately crafted in small quantities. Our mission is to create pieces that will last for a long time and that has done as little damage as possible along the way.

We belive in the concept of circular economy and closed loop processes. We focus on recycling, producing ethically and in small quantities, working with natural and organic fibers, supporting traditional craft and local communities. We also extend this mindful approach to every aspect of our work; we use GOTS certified organic labels and recycled packaging, we shoot everything analogue, never beauty retouch and focus on street casting as well as working with a diversity of women/men for our shoots.

We focus on sustainability not only environmentally but also socially, as a brand working for equality it is important to us that the production of our garments is not hurting anyone along the way, we work closely with our production unit in London. 80% of garment workers around the world are women. Many are subject to exploitation, verbal and physical abuse, working in unsafe conditions, with very little pay. This needs to change. The biggest consumer of fashion is also women, but we are the least represented in top positions in the industry - so we are very proud of the fact that the brand is founded and run by a woman. We believe it is important to see more fashion and art from the female perspective.


Transparency is very important to us. The origin of our products, as well as the stories behind them, remains front and center. It is key to reveal where things come from; we believe this approach is beneficial to all. On each product page you will find details about the supply chain. We believe our customers should be able to make the most informed choices possible.


For our first ready-to-wear collection we sourced almost all our fabrics at the Future Fabrics Expo by The Sustainable Angle in London. Here we found new and innovative materials with a reduced environmental impact as well as cruelty-free materials. We try to source as local as possible, as well as collaborating with our suppliers in creating and using innovative materials. We have built great relationships with businesses who are working with sustainability, craftsmanship and quality as their focus.

The materials we discover often inform the design process in terms of the style, colours and shapes and we try to incorporate the story of the material into the final garment. The research process is a big part of the collections.

Being a sustainable-forward company means working with new and evolving materials, challenging traditional ideas but also investing in quality.


We choose to not use plastic in our packaging, and are currently using recycled paper and recycled cotton. Our brand labels are made using GOTS certified organic cotton from Belgium, and are produced in the Netherlands. We are continuously developing and researching new and innovative materials for branding and packaging that are durable and dont compromise on the aesthetic appeal.


We always shoot analogue as we believe the slow and mindful process of it aligns with our values, and that the imagery communicates a raw and honest feeling. We have a strictly no beauty retouching policy.

In our work we focus on collaborating with female artists, to always celebrate diversity and highlight people we believe are doing something interesting.

Fashion is such a multicultural industry, connects so many different people together and has the opportunity to convey a strong message and story. By using fashion as a platform for sustainability and to create change we can encourage more people to develop new ways of thinking and living. 


You will find no skin, fur or feathers in our collections. We belive treating the environment, animals and human beings with respect shouldn’t be something niche or special, it should be standard practice.


We take our social responsibility seriously and care about the lives of the people involved in the production of our garments. We work very closely with our factory which is based in London. We visit them with each production round, sometimes more, and personally meet the people working there.  We also strive to only work with companies that we believe in, and try to meet as many of them as we can personally. We strive to ensure social responsibility at every stage of our business.


For us, sustainability and innovation is the new luxury. Slow fashion, craftsmanship, good quality materials, durability and thoughtfully made pieces is what luxury means to us.


We are working hard on ensuring the best environmental and ethical standards of producing our collections, but you as a consumer can also make a positive difference with what you do with the garment when you own it.

Try to wash you clothes as little as possible, as washing your clothes uses a lot of water. 
We also suggest to hang dry your clothes when possible instead of tumble drying. Look for a environmentally friendly dry cleaning alternative. Repair your clothes and give them a longer life span. 

You can also donate or recycle garments that you are no longer using. We use as much natural fibres in our collections as we can, these will biodegrade much faster and have less damage on the environment.