Material information
All of their yarns are hand dyed. The artisans use big pots heated by wood kettles, creating small batches of wonderful colors. Their yarn colors are bright and wild, full of nuances and variations. No two skeins are the same, each one is unique, a testimony of a particular moment.
Garments with this material:
Cropped Knitted Top, Knitted Trousers
Supplier information
Supplier - Manos del Uruguay.
Origin - Uruguay.
Production - Uruguay.

Manos del Uruguay was founded, to give Uruguay's rural women jobs, that would mean, not just an income, but also an opportunity to personally develop and gain independence, keeping their roots and traditions, close to their community and families.

Keeping the traditional hand spinning skills alive is very important to them and it allows them to create unique, beautiful yarns.

The artisans are the owners of the company and Manos ´ profits are shared among the cooperatives or re-invested in the organization. The cooperatives have strong bonds with the communities where they are inserted, with a positive impact in society and families.

Manos del Uruguay is a proud member of the World Fair Trade Organization, WFTO, since 2009. Fair trade supports the sustainable development of small producers, by offering better commercial conditions and protecting their rights.

Environmental or social certifications
WFTO member.