Recycled Polyester Satin

Material information
Stunning heavyweight satin fabric made of 100% recycled polyester (rPet). The fibres were once bottles! In a gorgeous creamy ecru colour, this fabric truly glows. It is soft, supple and drapes beautifully. One side has a sheen - that you'd expect from a satin weave, and the other has a much more matte, almost brushed finish to it. Due to the tightly structured weave, it has a small amount of UV protection and water resistancy.
Garments with this material:
Dress with Buckle
Supplier information
Supplier - Offset warehouse.
Origin - Taiwan.
Production - Taiwan.

Created and sponsors the ecological patrol, a non-profit Civil Association that has been working since 2011 managing and executing actions for the preservation and improvement of the environment, as well as awareness-raising campaigns in favour of a responsible and active society.

Sponsors the experimental farm of Pacomarca; an initiative that seeks to benefit all the people involved within the Alpaca´s chain of production, especially the thousands of peasant families that make a living of this in the Peruvian highlands.
To care for your product
Suitable for the washing machine & tumble dryer.
Turn the machine down to 30 degrees for a more environmentally friendly wash. In Europe alone, if every household turned its washing temperature down to 30°C, we could save 12 million tons of CO2 a year.