Material information
The hemp and cotton blends naturally crease, softening over time. Natural fibres may give colour variations between batches and give the fabric a flecked effect throughout with slub and knot. These characteristics do not affect the durability.

Hemp yarns are used because the hemp can be grown in the UK and their cultivation has an incredibly low impact on our environment. The hemp crop in particular requires no irrigation, uses no pesticides and requires no synthetic fertilisers once the seeds are in the ground. It has a long tap root able to reach water, bind and aerate the soil where other plants cannot. Other crops can also be grown in the same field following harvest without a fallow period. It is one of the most durable natural fibres around with excellent thermodynamic and anti-bacterial properties. It is also 100% biodegradable.

This material was sourced on the 7th Future Fabrics Expo, organised by The Sustainable Angle.
Garments with this material:
Hemp Boilersuit, Pilot Boilersuit
Supplier information
Supplier - Bysshe partnership.
Origin - UK.
Production - UK.

Bysshe Partnership is an independent company producing high quality fabrics in the traditional textile heartland of the British Isles. They use natural and organic fibres, sourcing yarns from the UK and Europe, to provide a regional network of production where it is possible to oversee the entire process from seed to final creation. They work with some of the last remaining textile mills in the UK. Most of their weaving takes place in Lancashire, before the rolls travel a short distance over the hill to be finished in Yorkshire. They ensure the highest quality at the lowest environmental cost, developing fabrics for a sustainable future.

Bysshe work with certified organic cotton from within the EU as they believe it is important to protect the environment, reduce agricultural dependency on the petrochemical industry and ensure the yarns have proof of origin.