Material information
A sustainable material innovation made from 100% sheeps wool. Natural, recyclable and biodegradedable. Doppelhaus create sustainable fabrics with low environmental impact utilising innovative felting technology and 100% UK wool reducing waste, energy and costs.

Lighter and more flexible than conventional felt, Cloudwool® is highly breathable, thermally and acoustically insulating and therefore suited to a wide variety of applications. Cloudwool® has no directional grain line, making it efficient to cut and prevents it from fraying. Cloudwool® is a fabric for the Circular Economy Natural, Recyclable and Biodegradable.

This material was sourced on the 7th Future Fabrics Expo, organised by The Sustainable Angle.
Garments with this material:
Wool Wrap Skirt
Supplier information
Supplier - Dobbelhaus.
Origin - UK.
Production - UK.

Their innovative manufacturing process (patent- pending) combines ethically sourced British wool with German-engineered technology to create Cloudwool®. Nowadays European wool is struggling to compete in the global market and farmers often make a loss from the sale of their wool. Doppelhaus aims to increase demand for local wool through innovative textile design. Their transparent, local production chain is more efficient and ecological, involving far fewer stages than conventional textile production.